Friday, October 29, 2010

Anorak Pullover

Ah, the half-zip pullover. Not nearly as versatile as a jacket, yet having a distinctive boxy style. Do you remember the block-colored Gap anoraks with stuff sacks that were all the rage in the 90's? You could find an entire collection of them lining a store wall. I also managed to find a khaki anorak with 3 oversized bone buttons and a long front pocket at Eddie Bauer about 10 years ago. I still miss that thing, even though it engulfed my small frame. I'm also waiting for anoraks to come back and replace windbreakers and cardigans. In the meantime, here are some acceptable starts.

Lands' End Canvas Women's Ultralight Anorak. The "Canvas" line is Lands' End response to the L.L. Bean Signature Line and a late, mass-targeted entry to the Americana market (or something like that). This anorak is modern slim-fit, nylon, and comes in 3 insipid colors. Imported $22.99

Opening Ceremony Oversized Anorak. This piece, in all its wrinkly nylon-cotton glory, looks like it was fished out of a 40-year old dad's closet. I get it- it's supposed to be preppy! And it is, albeit in an unmistakably 80's way. Sold out.

Lees Army Store Hooded Anorak. Worn by the US Army when the going gets windy and damp. Treated with Quarnel ("Quartermaster Repellent"), the military's version of DWR; it repels liquid while maintaining breathability. The small hood looks out of proportion to the width of the body; this is for layering purposes. (I couldn't seem to find this jacket on a US website.) £24.95


  1. More shirt, less jacket. Friend Jordan at Winn Perry did up these great, Individualized popover shirts. He promises some in sizes for women next Fall

  2. Very nice. Saw some popover shirts at J. Crew, but they looked pretty low quality.