Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rossi Boots

bottom image from enasco

I've liked the look of the Blundstone ("Blunnies") 500 boots for a while now. They are pull-up leather boots with elastic-banded sides, and a thick, cushy polyurethane sole. They are an Australian staple, even gracing the front cover of Merge Records story book. People love their worn-in Blunnies (just do a Flickr search), yet as I was talking to my local bike mechanic (1st image) about his new pair, he commented that they only last about 2 years for him, and that they used to be made in Australia and now the tag says they are made in Vietnam. I found similar remarks on lower quality and no drop in the $150 price tag on review sites. After scouring around, I fell upon Rossi Boots, an Australian bootmaking company that still makes their locally. The Endura 303 is looks nearly identical to the Blundstone 500, and costs about the same. I think these would make a great winter boot; I could probably even get away with wearing these with a skirt and tights! The only trick about these is that unlike Blundstones, which you can get at Whole Earth here, probably aren't stocked anywhere within try-on distance, so beware of sizing issues when purchasing online.

Made in: Australia
Handmade? No



  1. You are such a clever lass. You have been busy posting such fabulous things! I have some reading to do. Thank you for the low down on boots.

    Blundstone Footwear

  2. Take a look at I bought a pair of Redbacks from them. They have good information on sizing (Aus vs US) and how the different brands fit.

  3. I just order one Rossi Endura 303, last time I tried it, it was so comfort especially the air cushion. Also it is a stylish boots, easy to carry with denim, shorts or of course workers pants.

    Looking forward to it.