Wednesday, October 13, 2010

J. Crew Chinos for Women

Lately, J. Crew's womens clothing has stopped sucking so bad and consists of more than sparkly trinkets, wool blend cardigans, printed long t-shirts, and hackneyed khaki crap. I applaud them for actually trying to stay ahead of the curve and taking a needed cue from menswear. So much so that I decided to enter their store again, on the hunt for the relaxed Broken-in Boyfriend Chino. (After 5 months of sweltering heat and nonstop short-donning, when it dropped down to the high 70's last week, I dug out a pair of skinny jeans and pulled them on. Not only did I rip a belt loop trying to stuff my legs in, I spent the rest of the day feeling very suffocated. Are skinny jeans the corset of the 2000s? I need pants that let me move, please.) I did not find them, but spotted a deliciously rust+mustard wash of the Waverly Chino. It was the deep color that attracted my attention (listed as OTR on the tag- any idea?), a color not unlike some of the darker offerings of American Eagle and A&F baggy khaki shorts circa 2000. They were a wardrobe staple of the popular "preppies" through all of high school- remember? It was bold, not the usual tempered down khaki, nearly ecru, tint of women's khakis. The straight leg cut gave no hint of being a feminine cut, and with rolled up legs, it was the perfect item for the Americana-loving girl looking for bottoms. J. Crew calls it their "skinniest chino ever," yet it is nearly the opposite of the skinny jean, and could easily be construed as androgynous if not worn with the recommended heel and fitted top. Be like the boys; go with some Clarks Originals.

Made in: Some impoverished country
Handmade? No


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