Friday, October 8, 2010

Flannel-lined pants

why aren't these available year-round? image from omiru

The first version I ever saw of these was in 8th grade or so, in an L.L. Bean catalog, the jeans. (We got sent these to our house for years after I succumbed to a humongous monogrammed backpack of theirs to replace my leather-bottomed Jansport.) They didn't look glamorous back then, and they certainly haven't aged well since then. The women's, especially, scream "mom" and "frumptastic." Though Texas will probably only put out 2-3 days chilly enough to warrant these pants, I still demand that a proper and modern kind of flannel-lined pants for women be made. I read somewhere that J. Crew offers these as chinos for men each winter- they look nice don't they? The women's looks a bit more Gap-py, with oddly summery color choices. J. Crew, now that you have boy plaid shirts for women, please make a pair of these with an appropriately dark pant fabric and a classic plaid lining.

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