Thursday, October 28, 2010

Winter Cycling Caps

Regarding bicycling, is it the gear or the rider? I have to remind myself often that all my components and parts are good enough and it's up to me to push harder and go further. However, some gear really does enable you to stay on your bike longer. One accessory that sets the dedicated cyclist apart from the seasonal one is the winter cycling cap. I have a soft spot for the ones with ear flaps. It's never too chilly to ride, especially in Texas!
Fabric Horse's Winter Cycling Cap. These guys made it big with their mini u-lock holster and they have since expanded into making other useful accessories. Handmade in Philly $40
Czech Army Rail Hat. When in need of any technical accessories, aim for the military surplus store. Wool. Best part: $7.99
Another place to look is Etsy. Usually you can sift through the wild and kitschy designs to find something tasteful, like this cycling cap by galstudio. Handmade in Vancouver $35

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