Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alpha Industries Military Field Jacket

1st image from A.P.C.

2nd image from usarmystyle

I do not claim to know much at all about military apparel (no otaku here). I'm currently reading William Gibson's Pattern Recognition and getting my first taste of that obsession. Generally, I shy away from US military-inspired garb, mainly because the solid colors are drab and the camo prints are so loud, and most feminized versions are too fitted. However, these super-functional designs hold a permanent spot as one of the fashion industry's most drawn-on inspiration. I really love the faded jacket from A.P.C. paired with sweatshorts and a simple blouse, but it's ~$300; a more affordable, reproduction M-65 by Alpha Industries is shown below. That company has a neat history: formerly a military clothing contractor, they now produce for the commercial fashion industry. Talk about cred! Lindsey Weir from Freaks and Geeks (awesome show) was rarely seen without her beloved, tired field jacket on- that secret fashion fiend!

Made in: USA
Handmade? No


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