Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gramicci Original G Pant

eat that, j crew! image from Gramicci

Ever seen I first laid eyes on these climbing pants at the local REI during my previous camping gear and outerwear craze, I haven't been able to forget about them. They feature an iconic 80's style with the tapered legs, bunched waistband + built-in nylon belt, and no-nonsense cotton fabric that wears impeccably, similar to a loved leather jacket. The cut particularly mirrors the current trend of not too slim, not too baggy, updated classic cut in mens casual pants, but it's mere coincidence. They still look stylin' even 20+ years after they were introduced and gained a cult status. Showcased here is the discontinued Original G Reverse Leg Pant. Apparently the quality of the brand has gone down significantly, as evidenced by reviewers older and wiser than I. It's an oft heard story of dissatisfied customers due to most clothing companies moving manufacturing overseas. Aside from principle, it only slightly bothers me as I do not climb mountains and boulders. I could easily see these in paired with vintage wafflestompers and a nice plaid shirt. Men, pull on pair of these and watch me swoon!

More Gramicci finds from Sierra Trading Post: Cuffed leg openings. Mountain jeans.

Made in: Asia somewhere
Handmade? No

$24.99 (in XXL only)

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