Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ring Moccasins

Premium laced mocs have been dominating mens footwear for a few seasons now. Here is a less popular, 60's standard ring boot model. Arrow Moccasins, one of the smaller American moccasin handcrafters, is also one of more competitively priced vendors (vs. Quoddy or Yuketen). I've been a fan of their footwear since I started seeking the perfect mocs a couple years ago, and I'm hoping to save up for a pair... once I decide which one I want to settle on. It also tickles me that their site is so 1995- they let their products, not marketing, speak for their brand!

Made in: Hudson, Massachusetts
Handmade? Yes!



  1. Man, I'd almost want to offer to design them a new website in return for a few pairs of shoes... It's super bad. Even though the shoes look nice, I almost can justify buying from them because it's so easy to make an okay site... I mean, there are free templates all over the nets.

  2. That comment was grant, not melissa. stupid computerz.

  3. Haha! Maybe you should offer to do that!!