Thursday, October 28, 2010

Liberated Wool Peacoat

where is this gent going in these clothes? images from outlier

Bicycling in style has seen a momentous resurgence here in the US. While urban cyclists in Europe have probably never stopped being classy, we have select brands like Rapha and Outlier here to dress us up (and make us broke). They are probably going along with the assumption that most bike commuters hold: that it is perfectly alright to shell out for premium bike parts and accessories since you are saving so much by not driving or owning a car. This week, Outlier had the gall to introduce a semi-stretchy wool peacoat the price of an iPad. It gets me riled up and I almost can't take so much sartorial brilliance on a sweaty cyclist! At least I can find some consolation in the fact that I don't live in New York and have to be around so many well-dressed lads, unlike this poor woman.

Made in: NYC
Handmade? Yes


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