Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Barbour Beacon Heritage Tartan Blouson

image from the esteemed proper mag

Hot out of the garment factories is the Spring 2011 Barbour Beacon Heritage by Japanese designer Tokohito Yoshida. The details aren't that important. It's just another example of the Japanese (nobody takes style more seriously) remaking a Western classic brand into something more modern, wearable, and with the propensity to be a future classic. I, for one, love the particular blouson (aka blouse jacket) above. You know it's fully functional and can stand up to the worst beating, while looking ever so refined doing it. I definitely recommend this line for consumers who like the style sensitivities of Nau products, but opt for a more traditional feel.

Made in: England (I think)
Handmade? No


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  1. Are you sure they are made in England? I say one in the shop and the care label notibly didn't have a 'made in....' statement where for the wax jackets would say 'Made in England"...is that allowed?