Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Boots, or Something

Not that I need them, but ever since I laid eyes the beautifully flecked knee socks at American Apparel today in the Drag store (not online!), I've been on the hunt for affordable cold weather boots to pair with it. Over here in Texas, winter wardrobes are dictated by style, not so much by necessity. It's also been about 6 months since I've gone shopping... which doesn't help things. OK let's go!

To the best of my knowledge, L.L. Bean was responsible for the original Maine hunting boot. I was vaguely aware of that, yet my main association with this style of boot is with Ralph Lauren and their faux rugged version's popularity in the hip hop culture. I found a kickass red rubber Eddie Bauer pair on Ebay, and although they are magically in my size, I've purchased ill-fitting shoes on Ebay too many times. And the New England look isn't really part of my style inclination, as much as I love Foster Huntington's blog. Somebody should buy these!!

What about rain boots? They're relatively cheap for a lot of boot. It's messed up that sellers can command $100+ for rain boots though, after they became a flowery fashion accessory. With the exception of legitimate European Wellington makers, such as Hunter (they offer cute socks!) and Aigle, of course. Baffin is a major Canadian producer of boots, and these industrial rubber boots are not only under $40, they are hiding a maple leaf stamped on the heel. Sneaky lads.
Engineer/harness boots. I've been intrigued by these motorcycle boots for a few years now, and never pulled the trigger because they are just too damn tough for me. With the light walking that I do, I simply would not be able to wear them out. As with any technical clothing, I believe that you should get something that fits your functions, and doesn't go way beyond into the land of needless excess. That way you don't look like a tool, haha. These Red Wing Boots in black are drop dead sexy, so that's why they are on this list.

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