Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Outlier Merino Pullover

images from outlier

And speaking of fabrics you can never have enough of, how about merino wool, that fine animal product that magically keeps you dry when you perspire, breathes fabulously in warm weather, and keeps you toasty in cold weather. Introducing the $180 sweatshirt! As put off I am by the prices Outlier commands, I believe that their products are worth every penny, if the purpose of your wardrobe is quality over quantity. The value of each piece easily overtakes that of the designer crap found in high-end department stores, as Outlier sells directly to the customer with minimal mark up (see FAQ). Take a look at their Philosophy page; how amazing that a group of people with zero background in garment construction took their passion for well-made technical clothing and sustainability, did a bunch of research, and came back with some really good stuff.

Back to the pullover/ sweatshirt, I am not sold on the aesthetics of the ribbed fabric on the sides, but it apparently allows more movement. The black version is much more plain and stealth, as it the ribbed fabric is not as apparent. This wool style is intriguing to me, as I have not seen a similar product made by other technical wool clothing companies. Even Icebreaker, arguably the most modern and European of them all, does not have a sweatshirt or even sweater-like product. Their thicker knit tops are mostly body-hugging. Ibex, who makes wool cycling apparel, carries a somewhat similar fitted long-sleeve top. With its more classic cozy fit, the Outlier Merino Pullover has the best chance of becoming a winter lounge favorite, as well as performing double duty when you ride.

I fawn from a distance, but have no intentions of purchasing, as the XS in mens will still be too roomy. I am interested in what plans they have for extending their womens' line... might as well give them a holler!

Made in: NYC
Handmade? No


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