Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mundane is the New Exciting

images from proper mag and oi polloi respectively

OK, what is with this: I'm seeing versions of clothing that I could get from Target and Dillards posted in the freshest fashion blogs and online shops. Like the Champion sweatshirt and the 90's ubiquitous Polo long-sleeved polo shirt above. It was only a matter of time before ordinary, easy to come by articles of clothing were co-opted by the industry tastemakers and praised as fashion forward. The maddening (or confusing) thing is that the 45 year old dads with their old Champions and geeks who have kept the same polo shirts for 10 years are exempt from turning into style icons overnight. Only if you possess the uber-specific, time-sensitive cultural capital (see NYT essay on the sociology behind hipsterdom) to distinguish between oblivious and deliberate association with certain products can you exploit this tiresome trend. I'll stop now because I don't want to get all theoretical or point any fingers here. As much as I admire good clothing, I believe that you should wear what you like with pride, not look down on people who don't give a shit, and refrain from placing people in categories. Don't get sucked into stealthy forms of style that are fueled by a belief that your ever evolving taste is superior.

i'm not even going to post these details because i am not proposing that you purchase these underwhelming items

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