Friday, December 17, 2010

Bear Feet Womens Desert Boots

images from meandmyfeet

You never see desert boots for women, because they are a mens or unisex style. Well here are some that are like the floppy version of the famous Clarks, complete with crepe soles. And they are constructed by a Texas company, Bear Feet. If you check out their site, you can find mostly baby shoes that are super flexible and easily shaped to the foot, as opposed to a stiff shoe shaping the foot. 2nd best to barefoot. Kinda along the miminalist lines of the Vibram Fingers, but even better because they are handmade with American supplies, and with buckles, thread, and special leathers from Germany and Italy.

Edit: Per Amanda's comment, I trekked over to Creatures Boutique on South Congress after a half day of last minute Xmas shopping. They had so many different pairs there! It is under the name Dimovi because the daughter of the Bear Feet family, who resides in Austin, branched off into her own line. I tried on a 39, a size smaller than I usually fit, and they slipped on like a sweetly worn leather sock. (Or as they jokingly called it there, a "foot condom"). The bronze leather was very pliable already, and the thin crepe sole allows you feel the ground underneath. A black crepe sole was available, as well as a mens's version. All the womens' models had a single set of rhinestone glued to side of the boots (on the tip of the flap), a pink/blue/purple strip of leather at the heel, and matching laces. Because I prefer unfeminized things in general, I decided to get a custom pair made with no rhinestones or girly colored accents. It'll be ready in 2-4 weeks! The only thing is that last night I bid on a pair of used Blundstone 500s on Ebay, and I'm still the highest bidder. So I might end up with two pairs of brown boots. I'm not complaining...

Made in: Brownwood and Austin Texas
Handmade? Yes

$179.95, or $140 at Creatures Boutique


  1. These are also at Creatures boutique in Austin, but under a different brand. You should see the box they come in!

  2. Amanda, thanks for the tip! I actually went today and tried a pair on and had a custom pair ordered. Good stuff!