Monday, November 29, 2010

Luna Sport Cycling Jersey

image from Sierra Trading Post

Cycling clothes are egregiously overpriced, as I soon discovered after performing a Google shopping search for a jersey. Expect to pay above $50 for a modern synthetic one and over $100 for a wool one. This is baffling to me, as you can get synthetic workout tops on sale for less than $20; is it the fancy stitched back pockets that you pay so dearly for? Who knows. Anyways, I found this tasteful plain jersey by Luna on sale at Sierra Trading Post. It doesn't make you out to be a moving advertisement, with just 3 small stitched yellow logo patches (2-front, 1-back). I like Clif Bars better than Luna Bars, but the latter company churns out some solid women's cycling clothing. The XS is a wee bit too tight on me, but less drag, right? The fabric is sturdy, medium weight, and made of recycled polyester. I hope to snag a black one before they sell out (after I find the perfect bike shorts).

Made in: USA
Handmade? No


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