Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tretorn Strala

1st 2 images from blackbird
last image from the tannery

So, I did not end up winning those Blunnies. Perhaps I should release my dream of owning Australian work boots, get practical and opt for an elastic-sided boot that is less rugged, less warm... and less boot. Enter the low-cut, rubber Tretorn Strala! With its modest good looks and an attractive price range, this would be a worthy addition to most anyone's wardrobe. Forget tall rain boots, most of us don't slosh around on the farm or live in Britain. The new Strala Vinter (Swedish for winter) version features furry lining for added warmth. I had seen the Sommar style floating around earlier this year, but the white striped outsole put me off. Definitely like the black stealth versions better. 3rd photo is of a special collaboration with The Wilderness Workshop. More details on the Tretorn Swedish Goodness blog.

Made in: ?
Handmade? No


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