Saturday, January 29, 2011

Switcharoo: Nau Lightbeam Jacket

I bought my first Marmot Driclime Windshirt in 2006. With a nylon shell and a surprisingly insulating yet thin lining, it was the perfect jacket for 45-60 degree weather. Still is. I'm on my second one now and I also use it extensively for "winter" cycling, boot camp, and pretty much all outdoor activities. You can almost always find a previous season's version on sale for around $50. In terms of functionality and versatility, it is a clear winner. Reviewers online strongly agree. The jacket is at least on its 14th version. However, as you can see above, the women's version is not flattering at all. It's boxy, and has the dreaded puffy sleeve cinched wrists combination. I love the thing. But seeing poorly dressed women/moms around the office reminds me that I don't want to knowingly emulate them.

images from thethoughtkitchen and nau

Enter the Nau Lightbeam. At $175, it is 2-3x pricier than the Marmot Driclime. Modern, truly fitted, made of 100% recyclyed polyester, and highly packable, I favor this as a someday upgrade. The striped pucker weave is a unique distinction. See this post on the Nau blog on the inspiration behind the design.

Handmade? No
Made in: China, fabric from Japan


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