Friday, January 28, 2011

Fence Straddlin'

Here are two pairs of shoes that I am intrigued by, but not completely won over by:

image from zuriik

The Zuriik Shug Low Contusion (W) . Zuriik has reimagined the traditional mens oxford shoe by building a canvas upper and slapping a hard leather dress sole to it. And the laces are waxed, of course. The idea is novel, and thus worthy of attention. This shoe's shape is pretty manly, yet the decidedly feminine colors soften it up. Not many companies do a woman's oxford shoe well. It's either still quite masculine (see Frye's Erin), or way too frou-frou and "of the moment" (see Steve Madden's Trouser). The one from Marais USA is quite plain and understated, which I like, but you probably have to dress super cute and girly up top to achieve a stylistic balance. I really adore the Zuriick mens' two-tone black gray version.
Handmade? No
Made in? Nobody knows

$83.90 - $119

images from shogunstore and highsnobiety

Palladium boots. The first image that comes to my mind when I see these military-lite boots is a bunch of FOBs and their weirdly over-patterned and clunky attire. Yep, I grew up around Asian immigrant kids in high school and church. Some of their stuff I liked, what was copied over from Japanese youth culture, and most of it eventually became trendy. What I didn't like were the bright plaids and Palladium fold-over tongue boots. The Baggy style, as they are called, are really goofy looking. However, seeing them displayed tastefully in a lookbook like the one above does sway me a bit. I think the unfolded Pampa version could look good on a man wearing pants. Maybe. Not sure if I or any other women could really pull these off though.

Handmade? No
Made in: Israel?

$55 - $225

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