Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Klean Kanteen Reflect Series

image from global enfant

I am quite satisfied with my Klean Kanteens, with their attractive metal bodies and responsible Chinese manufacturing. But I held off from getting them until I found them on sale at the REI outlet for $9 each. List price was just too much. And now, the company has come up with an upscale, plastic-free, paint-free bottle with a unibody bamboo and stainless steel cap. Taking a huge cue from Apple, I see. As reported in their FAQ, customers have previously complained about the stainless steel caps being squeaky. I wonder if the issue has been resolved with this new line. The press photos are really lovely, yet does anyone see the absurdity of shelling out $33 for a water vessel? It's difficult not to be distracted by the shiny mirror finish... it's so pretty....

Handmade? No
Made in: China


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