Sunday, January 23, 2011

Macbook Air

image from mbsreport

I'm giddy to report that this is my first post using my new 11.6" Macbook Air. It's a dreary, chilly Sunday afternoon and I'm bundled up in warm blankets on the couch as I type. My previous computer, a 20" iMac from late 2009, is a beautiful machine. Most of my photo editing was done with ease on it, and the super sharp screen was phenomenal. However, I grew weary of having to plop my bottom down on the frankly uncomfortable plastic IKEA chair for hours. And instead of getting a new computer chair, I got a new 11.6" Macbook Air at Best Buy at 15% off retail. It was quite the deal! I don't usually make brash hefty purchases, yet I haven't regretted this one. It's so very thin and light compared to my husband's relatively ponderous Macbook Pro. Sure, it only has 64 GB of storage, which means I am now using an external hard drive for all my music and photos. I rarely ever need to access all my files anyway, and to me, the weight savings and extreme portability is totally worth it. Also, using Spaces to organize my applications in separate panes is a necessity, and I find that everything is so much more organized from it. Because I shoot 35mm film, I usually develop my film and also order a CD of the scanned images. The Macbook Air has no optical drive, but Apple has made it a cinch to connect to another Apple computer and use its optical drive. Since I won't be doing much heavy lifting on this thing, like working with massive Photoshop files, this computer's specs are more than adequate. And when you open it after shutting the lid, it wakes from sleep almost instantaneously. Pretty much amazing.

Oh, and I couldn't help but fall upon this wool and leather sleeve by (previously featured) Etsy seller, ribandhull.

computer: $999
sleeve: $61

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