Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter Workout

There is a true nip in the air, and boot camp carries on. This week brought out some revealing running tights (actually leggings), which are quite striking when worn alone as a bottom. Great for displaying muscle tone! "Experts" recommend that when engaging in cold weather activity, dress in layers. Start with a moisture-wicking base, add an insulated layer, and then finish with a wind and rain resistant shell. I'm in the market for a base layer set. My first urge is to go for wool, as it is making a comeback as a natural material far superior to synthetics, especially in releasing stink and staying toasty even when wet. However, expect to pay $50 and up for a single piece, and this girl is on a budget. I want to make the jump, but not until I commit to getting the most use out of it. So, I go embark on one of my favorite Internet activities, which is to leisurely scour outdoor gear websites for deals. That stuff is the paragon of practical-wear.... (I will say though, that Sierra Trading Post is usually too much for me to handle, with their only sometimes useful product categories. I look there for Smartwool socks.)

Terramar Thermolator II Women's Midweight 1/2 Zip Top Shirt. 35% off at Campmor. I had never heard of this brand (they also make wool stuff), and a review search showed impressions ranging from "excellent and soft" to "not the scratchiest, but still sorta scratchy." Polyester. Imported. $22.99
Terramar Thermolator II Women's Midweight Pants. 34% off at Campmor. The matching bottoms. The accompanying review complains about it being smaller than stated, not roomy enough for the curvalicious gal, yet warm. Wouldn't be a problem for me. Polyester. Imported. $19.99
Patagonia Capilene 3 Zip-Neck Shirt. 39% off at Backcountry. Their #3 is their warmest fabric, and also the fastest drying (source). Made of polyester, 64% of which is recycled. I confess that I hold this company in high respect, mostly because their clothing feels so solidly constructed. The rest of the adoration comes from recognizing that they have the most badass extreme adventure photography in their catalogs. Made in Costa Rica. $33.55

Patagonia Capilene 3 Bottom. 39% off at Backcountry. These look wonderfully thick in the photos. It's kinda cute how the fabric bunches up at the bottom... Also made of polyester, 64% recycled. Made in Fiji. $27.45

All in all, these are decent deals, especially the Patagonia pieces. I'm probably going to pull the trigger on the 2nd set. I will let you know how they perform!

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