Thursday, June 24, 2010

DIY Huaraches

This is my Summer 2010 sandal, the huarache. I really wanted my classic Vibram FiveFingers to bear that title, but after a few months in warmer weather, the stench they emitted after each wear was too foul. I found that soaking them in water and baking soda helped, but I wasn't about to wash my main shoes everyday. Barefoot Ted sells a Vibram-sole huarache kit in his online shop at a very reasonable price. I bought from him, and substituted red polypropylene rope ($3 at Walgreens) for the leather laces. It was a small concession because polypropylene is a petroleum product, but I was skeptical about the pliability of the leather. According to a friend who also completed this project, the leather laces do work for this tie-style, they just take longer to break in. These shoes are designed after the minimal footwear of the Tarahumara runner-people of Mexico. Urban runners who want that barefoot feel will don these for a thin layer of protection against potentially dangerous surfaces. I'm no runner, but I do enjoy the easy slip-on slip-off aspect of these stink-free shoes, and can happily add handmade shoes to my short list of craft accomplishments.

August 2010 edit: The poly rope knot wore through in a couple of months. I restrung the sandals with the original leather straps (yes, they get pliable) and they have been going strong ever since.

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