Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swedish Officers Blanket

I've had my eye on a MacAusland's Woolen Mills blanket (lap size) for some time now, but despite their amazingly low prices, I suspect that international shipping might make it slightly less of a good deal. The Hudson Bay Company point blanket is similarly appealing, but you kind of look like a tool with such a ratty old thing in your living room, assuming you cannot afford a $300-$500 new one. Then I stumbled across this Swedish Officers Blanket. Usually military blankets are scratchy and not the softest blankets you can find, but the striking crown pattern caught my eye. This gray/eggshell color combo is available on this military surplus site. You can come across some great finds browsing around those sites. The giant Sierra Trading Post also carries a tanner one. Though it may be 95 degrees outside, we always appreciate a blanket to snuggle with while lounging on the couch in the evening.

Made in: Sweden (I assume)
Handmade? No


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