Thursday, June 17, 2010

Archival Clothing Musette

photo from Archival Clothing's photostream

This musette is one offering in the fairly new line of bags produced by Archival Clothing. It is constructed from durable Waxwear waxed cotton. It comes in tan, yellow and navy- featured here is navy, my pick. More details here. I really don't need another shoulder bag, as my vintage Coach Ebay-find satchel serves me extremely well. However, I support that blog and want to test this out as a bicycle accessory. Cyclists traditionally used thin cotton musettes as feed bags during long races. If it comes down to choosing between a bag attached to the bike (such as this pretty Sackville SaddleSack) and a shoulder bag, I will choose the latter, since I go on short errands and am frequently hopping on and off. This bag truly embodies the AC ideal: classic, relatively unadorned, and maximum functionality.

Made in: Springfield, OR
Handmade? Yes!


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