Thursday, September 9, 2010

Smithy's Bench

Having tried my hand at making simple wood furniture (two coffee tables), I can say that the hobby is probably too much work for the average crafty person to continue without a work shed. I spent about $60 on the first one, because I had to buy the initial tools, and then $20 on materials for the second. The issue with most handmade furniture is that it is too pricey to justify. This outdoor bench is shockingly affordable because it a log sawed in half sitting on two legs, and it is unfinished, which makes for some great patina as it ages. Some of the most truly beautiful, natural wood products have come out of the US's sparsely populated northernmost states. Like the coasters and cutting boards I recently ordered from Minnesota's Boards by Joel.

Made in: Wisconsin Northwoods
Handmade: Yes!


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