Wednesday, July 21, 2010


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I've been using MKS metal toe clips on my bike pedals for two years now, and wearing my Vans Authentics, I find that the rigid prongs pinch my toes. In comes Feetbelts, a foot strap made from recycled seatbelts. They are about the same price as the venerable Power Grips, but they are constructed by a couple of bike dudes in Austin's backyard, San Marcos. With their bold graphics and poppy colors, they definitely stand out. Too bad they're all sold out online, so check with your LBS, Texan riders.

Update: After 2 weeks of using these, I can say I am sorely disappointed. The belts are simply too floppy to be of good use. If I happen to step on the strap while I'm trying to get my foot it, it's all over, until the next light. The strap flattens to the side of the pedal and cannot be coaxed to rise up. According to the Feetbelts site, version 2 has reinforced straps for stiffness. All I can think is, great, thanks for selling the last of your original stock to local bike shops. I'm going to have to get some foam sheets and make my own reinforcements. Furthermore, because my shoes have rubber soles, they sometimes gets stuck when I try to pull out to put my feet on the ground. In a few instances, I have almost fallen sideways, feet still in the straps. It's almost enough to make me go clipless. Bleh!

Made in: San Marcos, TX
Handmade: Yes!


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